As the world’s modernization and complexity evolves, so do the many risks that our society faces. Being professionals standing at the frontier of risk management, we have extensive expertise in revealing the subsistence of risks and the solutions to improvement. Moving forward, new technologies that leverage digitalization and data will become ever more important to the efficiency and feasibility of solutions against advanced risks. We were newly born as Tokio Marine dR based on the extensive knowledge and achievements of a century-long Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co. Ltd. and Tokio Marine & Nichido Risk Consulting Co. Ltd. In partnership with risk database and ecosystems across the industry, we upscaled our solutions catering to our customers’ needs in various fields, including natural disaster, mobility, product safety, healthcare, and many more.

“To eliminate all the pain and sorrow caused by disasters all over the world.”

Together, as experts in comprehensive data-driven risk solutions, Tokio Marine dR hope to challenge and prevail in social issues for a better tomorrow.